September 15th, 2019

Not long ago I found myself standing in front of 250 top leaders of a Company, amidst the need for a leadership philosophy change. After some real thinking and strategy about my talk, I targeted my messages around trust and people. I learned through many conversations with people at this company, that trust was more than just a wordread more.

About Darrin Tulley

Ignite Happy  was created and founded by Darrin Tulley for people to ignite happy from within and experience the amazing connections that are right in front of us every day.   To help people live and see a life of what is possible. 

As the Chief of Possibilities, Darrin happily encourages action and inspires commitment to change, as if lives are depending on it.  He believes our future lives, businesses and communities are starving for this change.  Darrin guides humans along a prescriptive path and shows us how to do this in his upcoming book, Ignite Happy.  Using happiness and inclusion as the platform for change through keynote speaking engagements and experienced-based learning workshops, Darrin sparks real human change through self-exploration and action.  By taking intentional steps each day to rewire the habits holding us back from shining through. 

Along his journey, Darrin had a personal awakening triggered by the culmination of several events.   He pieced these together, forming the Ignite Happy Path for others to embark upon.  Through personal experience and shared stories of success, Darrin introduces audiences to begin exploring their own Ignite Happy Path in an entertaining and informative way.  He inspires audiences to embrace happiness and other child-like strengths to unleash the beauty living within each of us, which in turn lights up skies wherever they are too.